Minimum Risk and Maximum Returns

According to Paul Wilson of Income2Wealth, you must start by thinking about your ultimate goal: you will work backwards and draw your path to wealth.

Whether ownership, stock, development, options of a mix of different strategies, the right choice for you can not be decided, until you know what your ultimate goal is.

How long do you want to tie your money up for … months? Years? A decade and more? This is one of many considerations to consider when planning your wealth creation strategy.

For those with more immediate goals, Wilson's latest offerings may be the right choice. Inviting investors to participate for as little as $ 500, these investments allow ordinary Australians to pool their resources and invest in development projects and other profitable opportunities, with minimal risk and maximum return – ranging from up to 14% per year.

In episode 3 of Your Investment Property [YIP] Sarah Megginson, editor-in-chief of Your Investment Property magazine, talks with Paul about these new investment options that he offers in the market and that could allow ordinary investors to take giant steps in their wealth creation journey.

Listen to the podcast here.

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