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Kate Forbes started working with stocks, not realizing how much she could earn from the property until the growing value of her first home showed her how it could be a growing investment.


Best investment: First property in Greenside, Johannesburg
Profit from the first property: Purchased for $ 24,500 in 1997 (based on current exchange rates); sold for $ 281,000 in 2005
Biggest regret: Waiting too long to start investing because of his fear of debt

"I worked as a stock broker and channeling my personal investments entirely into stocks until I saw the growth I was getting at home. It started a love affair with a property for me, "she explains.

Kate quickly entered the industry and made a name for herself today as National Director of Metropole Property Strategists. She has since built a lot of wealth from her portfolio, which she believes will lead her to a comfortable retirement.

"It gives me great peace of mind to know that I have assured myself and the future of my children, and that we can always live the lifestyle we want", she says.


"You always remember your first time! Looking back, we were so green, but we were lucky on our side. We have added value by using a lot of our own sweat – and even blood and tears. "
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