Will real estate markets land?

According to the Australian report on economic ownership, published by PRDNationwide, 2019.

the markets of some capitals are about to collapse.

According to research, the real estate markets of Sydney and Melbourne are nearing the end of their recession, and the regions of their respective states are growing.

Research also showed that Queensland's markets were close to the end of the downturn, with regional areas near their low point.

According to research, markets in South Australia and Tasmania have almost reached their peak, escaping the recent nationwide economic slowdown.

This is a "crucial" moment for capital buyers, according to Diaswati Mardiasmo, National Research Manager at PRDNation.

"We are in this critical phase of the current recession in most markets. We saw a lot of favorable things, such as APRA, reduce loan requirements, the RBA lower the money rate twice. … This is the crucial moment to enter the market before it resumes, "said Mardiasmo.

According to Mardiasmo, markets should increase, but it will be gradual.

"The fact that the Reserve Bank of Australia cuts money rates twice in June and July will help those wishing to enter the market, but at the same time their expansionary monetary policy is only possible there is an underlying problem. in the economy itself. This is why it will be a gradual uprising rather than an immediate shot, "she said.

Buyers could still do business in Hobart and Adelaide, compared to Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Rental yields and vacancy rates in Hobart and Adelaide looked good, according to Mardiasmo.

Regional markets could also be among the best performing, said Mardiasmo.

"If we rely solely on numbers, the regional markets are still quite strong and with all the development of infrastructure engaged in regional markets, and the fact that regional markets are always more affordable than capitals. I would certainly expect to see strong growth in (regional) markets, be it Victoria, NSW or Queensland, "she said.

Top suburbs:

West Wodonga


Harris Park




South Brisbane



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