Territory Expo 2016

The first Territory Expo ran over two days on the Friday 29 and Saturday 30 April 2016 …

This Expo was about giving major and SME business enterprises the opportunity to showcase goods and services to the Northern Territory audience in a festival like atmosphere with entertainment and various activities throughout the 2 days.

It was a huge success as there was ample opportunities for business and the public to connect with both Asian and Australian audiences.

The Northern Territory, with Darwin as its capital is known throughout Australia as the gateway to Asia.

northern territory mapAnd as such housing can be in high demand as supply is limited, which is why Darwin has the highest residential rents among the capital cities, both for houses and for apartments with the median house rent for Darwin as high as $650 per week.

In 2012 Darwin experienced big rental growth with median house rents up by 16% and apartments rents up by 20%, according to Australian Property Monitors – with house prices following suit late in 2012 and early in 2013. It is undeniably the market growth leader among the state & territory capital cities. The Greater Darwin Plan, is based on projections that Darwin’s population will grow at least 50% by 2030.

Darwin as the gateway to Asia has become the main service centre for industries, now with the mining and offshore oil & gas sectors declining, pastoralism, tourism and horticulture have taken-off in 2016. The Port of Darwin with its new Chinese owners is the main outlet for Australia’s live cattle export trade into South East Asia. And with the new owners commitment to the future and new developments for the port it will turn into the export hub of Southeast Asia region.

Territory Expo

Territory Expo highlighted the tourism industry that employs 8% of Darwin residents and is expected to grow as domestic and international tourists are now spending time in Darwin during the Wet and Dry seasons. Federal tourism promotion is also been a major contributor for the swelling of tourist numbers.

Tourism for Darwin as the strategically placed as Australia’s closest capital to Asia, has so many growth opportunities over the next 20 years that the future and beyond could not be brighter.

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Now is the time to discover what the Territory Expo can do for your business

Territory Expo centre stage


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