Lockdown of Victoria's property "unacceptable"

Several groups are calling on the Victoria State government to reconsider its decision to expand restrictions on real estate services.

The state government announced earlier this week that Stage Four lockdown restrictions would be extended until October 26. This means that inspections of private property are still not allowed.

The Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV) criticized the state government's decision, saying the irreversible effects of its decision continue to be ignored.

"The Victorian government's lack of understanding regarding the operations of the real estate industry is evidenced in almost every aspect of how it handled the restrictions and the moratorium," a statement from REIV said.

Marcus Williams, CEO of Harcourts Group Australia, said the restrictions will impact those who will be unassisted with their real estate needs. He said the state government's decision was "unrealistic and unacceptable" as many companies continue to struggle.

"A simple solution exists: The government of Victoria must restore the ability of consumers to physically inspect a property, in person with the help of a qualified real estate consultant, before they go. ; engage in an important financial decision, "he said.

Williams said that in the absence of proper inspections, buying and leasing could not continue, leaving many people without proper shelter and pushing many sellers and investors on the brink of the abyss. Williams believes the restrictions will have a big impact not only on the economy, but also on people who genuinely need to sell their homes and move quickly.

"Whether it is a mother and her children running away from an abusive partner or someone who has lost their job and can no longer afford to pay rent, hard-working families and those in need deserve better attention. Housing is essential, ”he said. "And depriving real estate agents and property managers of the ability to help people with basic needs is unacceptable."

Cate Bakos, president of the Association of Home Buyers' Agents, said that even with the video inspections offered, buyers would not be comfortable making real estate decisions.

"There are a lot of buyers and sellers caught in the crossfire who have bought and sold, who now have to transact in order to avoid financial loss or homelessness, which is very in distress, ”she said.

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