Investor of the Year Award 2020

There is no better way to get inspired on how to create wealth from property than by reading about those who have been there, l & # 39; have made and launched massive targets along the way.

Our annual Real Estate Investor of the Year rewards program aims to help you do just that!

Each year we continue to be impressed by the caliber of participants and the range of stories that investors share with us. The awards attract a diverse and inspiring group of investors who tell us their real estate success stories all over Australia, with more than a few enlightening stories of incidents and errors along the way. .

Designed to help us find the most impressive real estate investors in Australia so that we can celebrate their success at different stages of the journey, our annual awards highlight those who wish to be brave, persistent and positive in the face of an evolving real estate and financial environment.

Our panel of expert judges examined the candidates and winners selected in three separate categories:

Strategic investor: Someone who has been investing for a while (at least five years) and who has developed solid strategies for wealth creation and success through real estate.

New investor : An investor who is relatively new to real estate (active for five years or less) but who has nevertheless obtained excellent results.

Reno Investor: A person (or a team) who used the renovation to increase his real estate profits; this award celebrates those who do great things by enhancing sweat equity.

Although this competition recognizes the benefits and results, the judges are not simply looking for the return in value of a portfolio. They are also looking for other unique and significant factors that contribute to the success of real estate investment, including a clear investment strategy, diversification techniques, solid cash flow management, evidence of risk management and demonstrated ethics and integrity.

The end result is three very deserving investors who will share more than $ 6,000 in gift cards and EFTPOS prizes!

What do these investors gain?
The three (3) winners of the 2020 Investor of the Year Awards will each win an incredible prize package valued at $ 6,169.85 including:

A $ 500 eftpos® card from DHA [Defence Housing Australia].
A 12 month subscription to the RP Data Professional Investors package from CoreLogic which offers subscribers an unlimited overview of all the properties, streets and suburbs available in your selected state. Value $ 2574
A full 12-month subscription to Real Estate Investar's "Pro Membership", allowing subscribers to manage, track and optimize the performance of their portfolio with powerful and simple tools. Value $ 990
A 12-month subscription to LocationScore – the quickest and easiest way to decide where to buy a profitable property throughout Australia, and a copy of the Chair Guide to Real Estate Investment: How to Take retirement with $ 2,000 a week – a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of money management, risk assessment and choosing a winning property. Value $ 416
A full report on residential depreciation and a copy of Tyron Hyde's new book KEEP CLAIMING IT!: A Guide to Property Depreciation, by Washington Brown QS. Value $ 800
A 12-month subscription to your investment property and a selection of our best-selling special reports and e-books, valued together at $ 889.85

This is the start of a new month, a new year and, in fact, a new decade, making it the perfect time to review the results of & # 39; Investing your property to date so that you can make plans for what you would like to achieve in the future. We hope the investor stories on the following pages will help you think about what may be possible in your own real estate journey as you prepare to invest in the coming year.

On this note, we present the winners of the 2020 Investor of the Year award for your investment property!

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